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The Best of Whistler 2000


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Best Bookstore

The limited availability of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire aside, Armchair Books is the bookstore of choice for an overwhelming number of Pique voters. Bestsellers was second, followed by the library and the Re-Use-It Centre.

Best Local Band/Musician

Pete and Chad win hands down as Whistler’s favourite performers, packing the people in tighter than some local landlords. Patio lizard Guitar Doug came in second, and Slow Nerve Action was third.

Best Local Artist

Mushroom Mark is Whistler’s favourite artisan, followed by Karen Thirlwall, and Toad Hall Pete.

Best Local Writer

The Pique’s G.D. Maxwell, never one to mince words or back down from what he perceives as an outrage, has earned a literary hattrick by winning this award for the third time in as many years. He has vowed to try harder next year, mincing fewer words than ever before. Virtually every other writer and reporter in town received a few nods, with the Pique’s Loreth Beswetherick receiving a few extra nods here and there.

Best Event Of The Season

Take a crowd of 15,000 people, speaker towers with go-go girls, a 10-foot tall alien that shoots sparks out of his hands, a girl in a bikini with a flame thrower, and a couple of DJ’s and you have what we call a good event. When you throw in a lineup of some of the world’s greatest snowboarders, and a 10-foot takeoff ramp you have what we call a great event. The Sims Invitational Big Air contest won for Best Event by a considerable margin, beating out the popular Cornucopia food and wine festival and Dusty’s Last Stand.

Best Place For Art

What’s the point of having all these great local artists if we don’t have a venue to showcase their work? Artrageous filled the bill nicely, showcasing the best of the region in an art and sculpture exhibition. The Delta – which has a couple of galleries – also does a nice job according to voters, as does Lotus Art Supplies.

Local News Story You’re Most Sick Of

It seems that everybody has had it up to their eyeballs with stories about the local housing crisis. Well excuse us for caring! From an editorial point of view we thought that the public would appreciate stories of young resort employees driven into saunas and tool sheds, relocated to Squamish and Pemberton, and often being forced to leave town because they couldn’t find a warm, dry place to sleep. Since you’re sick of reading about the housing crisis, we’ll do our best to keep it down to one story an issue until 2,000 badly needed staff housing bed units can be made available. Other stories that got on our reader’s nerves include local Zoning Bylaws, which we admit are an acquired taste, and the 2010 Olympic Bid (which you’ll be hearing about again and again until we actually host the Winter Games).