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Best of Pemberton 2010

An Olympic champion, a Black Squirrel and other things that make Pemberton a special place




Best daytrip destination

Centuries of volcanic activity have helped make beautiful daytrip destinations out of Pemberton and its surrounding areas. From peak to valley, there's a wealth of options for getting away. The top pick of Pembertonians was Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, attractive for its glacier-laden peaks and its pristine waters. Made a park in 1996, it is known for jagged peaks, rushing streams and turquoise blue lakes. Few others can match its beauty, but also on the list were One Mile Lake, which is located right in town, as well as North Arm Farm, the Pemberton Meadows and Anderson Lake. Meager Creek Hot Springs also figured in the survey, but it's out of range to any visitors for the foreseeable future due to the Meager landslide - which also figured as a tourist desination all its own.


Best neighbourhood

There's always a toss-up in this category, and that's the case again as the Glen and the Pemberton Meadows vied for best neighbourhood. Pembertonians know the Glen as "Vinyl Village" because of the vinyl siding on many of the homes. New homes have moved away from that design but the reputation remains. Located a short distance from the community centre, it's home to many Pemberton residents. Equally popular, however, was the Pemberton Meadows, the lush valley that extends north of the village. It's home to some of the best agricultural land in the province.


Best party

Votes are still coming in for the Pemberton Festival, but they've gradually faded every year that the music festival has not come back. In its place are smaller music festivals and community parties like the Two Acre Shaker, which tops the rankings this year. The full day party happened Aug. 15 and hosted artists such as Jon and Roy, OKA and Knifey Spoony. It's not Coldplay and Nine Inch Nails, but it's great for what local organizers are able to offer. Also rounding out the list were the Canada Day community party, the opening party for the Meadows at Pemberton and the Black Squirrel Winter Party.


Best Pemberton trend

Babies have finally been ousted as Pemberton's top trend, cast aside by bikes. For years, babies seemed a trendy thing in Pemberton. They've been popping up all over the place and villagers have been adjusting accordingly, seeking out new recreational opportunities like a skate park, bike park and eventually a water park. One has to hope they all grow up to be cyclists because they'd be continuing a trend people are already seeing in the Spud Valley. Pemberton has a host of great backcountry trails for riding and even just a ride through the Pemberton Meadows can be satisfying enough. The annual Slow Food Cycle is a great example.