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The bears are back


It’s the end of March, and it’s bear season.

Whistler black bear researcher Michael Allen reports seeing a couple of male bears in the Jane Lakes area last weekend. He says male bears typically start to become active by the end of March.

"There will be lots out in April, moms with yearlings," says Allen. "Moms with new-borns will be out in early May."

Allen says he knows there are at least seven female bears that will have cubs this year, a fairly high number for the Whistler area.

A warm fall, which produced a good berry crop, ensured the pregnant bears went into winter hibernation fat and healthy.

With bears starting to become active again people are reminded to keep food, garbage and anything that might attract bears indoors. Allen says bird feeders are one of the main bear attractants early in the spring.

Allen, who has been studying cougars in the Princeton area most of the winter, will be featured in the June edition of WestWorld. The BCAA magazine will be documenting Allen’s bear work in Whistler.

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