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That Christmas feeling

Or How I Learned to Stop Worry and Love the Holidays



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Angie Nolan

Love the family, friends and holiday cheer,
but can't excited about commercialized reindeer. I hate the idea of cutting down trees
or breaking the bank on shopping sprees. I do love the carols, the smells and the sounds, where love and peace and goodwill abounds
- but
why not act awesome all year 'round?!

Chili Thom

In my many years in a resort town for the holidays I have only witnessed one thing... sell out consumerism. It's sad that such a huge weight has been put on Christmas in a commercial way. And unfortunately the pressures therein have brought Christmas to have some of highest rates of suicide and depression of the whole year... bummer! Just do something nice for your friends and family and don't believe the hype!

P.S. - Funny that Jesus wasn't even born on Dec. 25, it's just an old pagan ritual that the church hijacked and then the advertising firms followed suit.