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That Christmas feeling

Or How I Learned to Stop Worry and Love the Holidays



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Christmas in Whistler can go either way depending which side of the money you're on. If you're hitting the hill and then catching a super-extended apres at the GLC - listening to 45 rpm records and pounding 'nog with friends you haven't seen in a while - then Christmas up here is epic. But if you're a few thousand kilometres from your family for the first time, working the Christmas shift serving cold, raw fish to the heathens and then walking with eight per cent tips, then, yeah, Christmas in Whistler can really blow. It depends if you're spending money or making it.


Stephen Vogler

I'd say that Christmas is not about sides, not about for or against. It's about depth. When the sun hangs low on the horizon for only a short part of the day, the earth seems to nearly stop turning and we all go deep into ourselves. And right then, as we plumb the depths of our subconscious we get together with family from near and far for extended evenings of food, drink and conversation. It's the perfect recipe for sparks to fly whether you have a fireplace or not. I love Christmas.


Monique Davidson (AbFab Pats)

Obviously, Sweetie Darling, the only upside to Christmas is the unabashed alcohol consumption!

Ace MacKay Smith

I call one of my auntie's "Auntie Christ."  She loves it.

Anyway, I like eggnog and all the food and the pretty lights and the Charlie Brown Christmas special and the Grinch cartoon, but I absolutely hate the forced consumerism. If I see something or make something for someone because I'm really psyched at how much they're gonna love it then I'll do it, but not because I'm supposed to. There's nothing worse than a present that was bought last minute out of guilt. It's great 'cause my Mom and brothers are all on the same page. We have boycotted the guilt. We also think that it's the dumbest time of year to travel so we only get together if it's easy and safe driving. Our present to each other is the freedom from guilt. Ha! Last year I spent X-mas playing funk 45s with friends. Now that's a good X-mas. I also really like to ski powder on X-mas 'cause it's not very busy.


Mike Varrin

I love Christmas, especially living in a resort town where people come to "Christmas." Everybody wants to party, especially me, and it turns out I get paid more the more people party... talk about a win-win! The tradition of the "Alcoholiday" is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

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