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Test of Metal kicks into high gear


If the earliest sellout on record is any indication, the 2001 Squamish Test of Metal and Mountain Bike Festival has already earned the right to call itself the most notorious bike events on the continent, offering thrills, chills, and more than enough road rash to go around.

"We sold out a full week earlier than we did last year, and between the registrar and myself we were getting eight or nine e-mails a day for two-and-a-half to three weeks before the race," says festival director Cliff Miller.

More than 800 competitors took part in the 67 kilometre Test of Metal up, down and around Squamish’s best singletrack.

"Everybody loved all the work we’ve done on the course since last year. They hated "Endo" being added to the end, so we’ll definitely keep it for next year," says Miller. "There’s a couple of people who went over and the crowd enjoyed that."

Endo is a short section of track leading to the finish line in Brennan Park with rocks, roots and a steep drop that has bucked a number of riders over their bars in the last year. It’s within clear view of the finish line grandstands, and a huge crowd gathered to cheer on the competitors.

All the spaces were taken in the chariot race on the Friday as well, and the freeride and trials competitions on the Sunday attracted competitors from as far away as New Jersey.

Overall, Miller credits the success of the Test of Metal and Mountain Bike Festival to strong community support.

"It was just great. Everybody had a good time, and the community just came out and drove it either by spectating or volunteering. It’s a lot of work to put on a festival like this, but it’s worth it," he says. "It’s a true community event, and that’s why it went so well."

Test of Metal Expert Results

(Complete results are available at )

Elite Men

1. Ruedi Schnyder (Gibsons, B.C.) 2:42:47

2. Andrew Kyle (Steveston, B.C.) 2:43:03

3. Michael Pruner (N. Van.) 2:44:25

11. Dave Burch (Whistler) 3:00:27

Elite Women

1. Sandra Walter (Coquitlam, B..C) 3:12:46

2. Erica Drew (Victoria, B.C.) 3:16:58

3. Linda Robischaud (Victoria, B.C.) 3:17:04

4. Lisa Dickson (Whistler) 3:19:17

Sr. Expert Men

1. Craig Saboarin 3:00:13

2. Chris Weech 3:01:44

3. Nikolai Hungr 3:02:10

Sr. Expert Women

1. Alison Testroete 3:39:06

2. Angela Teng (Whistler) 3:42:32

3. Jennifer Schulz 3:54:47

Master 30-39 Expert Men

1. John Irvine 2:51:35

2. Steve Bachop 2:52:55

3. Matthew Bodkin 2:54:34

Under 19 Expert Men

1. Andrew Cartwright 2:57:13

2. Benjamin Sigston 3:06:29

3. Greg Day 3:10:17

5. Will Routley 3:22:48

6. Tyler West 3:32:51

Other mentions:

Under 15 Men

1. James Crowe (Whistler) 3:17:03

Citizen 19-29 Women

2. Lisa Helmer (Whistler) 4:13:37

Master 40+ Men

5. Tony Routley (Whistler) 3:10:11