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Terasen Gas contacting propane users

All appliances, households using piped propane must be modified for natural gas



This month, Terasen Gas has set in motion Whistler’s conversion to natural gas by conducting an inventory of appliances that will need to be modified for the switch from propane to gas.

The company has contracted Apex Steel and Gas to document all propane appliances in the community, including furnaces, water heaters, boilers, ovens, barbeques, pool heaters, boilers and fireplaces.

“If people use piped propane right now for any of their appliances, Apex Steel and Gas will be contacting them to conduct an audit of exactly what appliances they have and what exactly needs to be done to get their houses ready for natural gas,” said Carol Greaves, community relations manager for Terasen Gas.

Greaves said that Apex Steel and Gas began the audits on July 16 th and is mainly contacting the 2,300 Whistler homeowners who use propane through telephoning and door knocking.

“After they have finished that, we will then take an inventory of those that we have not contacted and find a way to get to them,” she said.

To reach all users, the company is also running ad campaigns and inserting notices in bills encouraging people that do not live in Whistler to get in touch with Terasen Gas.

“We are starting really early because we know it is going to be difficult to get in touch with everybody,” said Greaves, adding that Terasen Gas successfully converted Victoria to natural gas in 1991.

The physical conversion from piped propane to natural gas is scheduled for early fall 2008.

To set up an appointment with Terasen Gas for an audit, call 604-938-3400.

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