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Ten candidates step forward at deadline

Nomination period now closed with a total of 18 Whistler council hopefuls



The list of Whistler council candidates for November’s municipal election was beefed up significantly at the end of last week, with 10 new names joining the race.

The nomination period closed on Friday afternoon, with a total of 18 people running for six council seats.

New candidates have been profiled below. Prospects who declared earlier include David Buzzard, Jack Crompton, Ralph Forsyth, Grant Lamont, Bob Lorriman, Ted Milner, Bill Overing and Eckhard Zeidler. The candidates will be officially declared on Oct. 10, and the last day candidates can withdraw is Oct. 17.

Two all candidates meetings have also been scheduled to give the community a chance to learn more about the nominees. The first meeting is put on by the arts community and will take place on Oct. 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at MY Millennium Place. The Chamber of Commerce has also organized a meeting on Nov. 1 from 3 to 5 p.m. at Whistler Secondary School.


Pina Belperio

Community activist Pina Belperio decided to run for council because she is concerned about Whistler post-2010.

“I would like to see more transparency and meaningful community consultation when it comes to making costly, long term decisions,” said the eight-year Whistler resident who works for Glacier Interactive Media.

“I feel that as an activist, I have a different perspective when it comes to dealing with community issues.”

Belperio sits on the board of AWARE and the Whistler Writers Group. She co-founded Whistler Watch and the local chapter of the Council of Canadians.

In her campaign, Belperio would like to see a review of all RMOW expenditures and budgets. She would also like to monitor the effects of the 2010 Games on the community.

Belperio said she also wants to explore local food production and alterative energy sources. And she would like to work towards developing an affordable, public space for community groups and artists.


Shane Bennett

This will be Shane Bennett’s fifth campaign for council. The 20-year Whistler resident claims to hold the record in Canada for coming in last in four municipal elections.

Asked why he is running again, Bennett joked: “I’ve got to secure my record.”

He added, more seriously, that he appreciates the opportunity that the election gives candidates to raise different issues.