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temp housing

Temporary housing goes to public hearing Tuesday Council gave initial approval to two temporary housing proposals at a special council meeting last Thursday, but expects strong opposition to at least one of the proposals at Tuesday's public hearing. The first proposal, by Rod Nadeau and Ann Chiasson, is to house nearly 400 employees in portable ATCO work camp units at the old Rainbow ski area site, which the proponents own. The second proposal, by Prospero International Realty, is expected to be more controversial. That proposal, known as Bear Ridge, is to house 84 people in similar units on land immediately south of Alpine Meadows, on Alta Lake Road. Each temporary housing proposal is to stay in place for five years. The proponents feel they need that much time to amortize their investments in the ATCO units. The projects include cafeteria-style units, where residents can purchase meals. Rent for a bedroom in the units is expected to be about $350 per month. One-third of the units are expected to go to employees of Blackcomb, another one-third to employees of Whistler Mountain and the final one-third to employees of other companies that are members of the Whistler Valley Housing Society. A management plan will be in place for each site. Although the proposals are for temporary housing, the municipality will have to re-zone the lands if the projects are to go ahead. Mayor Ted Nebbeling was adamant the re-zoning is only for the duration of the housing camps. "This is temporary housing. The zoning reverts automatically to RR1 after five years," Nebbeling says. "It can't be considered a door-opener to long-term housing." The municipality will assist in servicing the lands. At a previous meeting council agreed to wave development cost charges on temporary affordable housing projects.