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Telluride Film Festival raises $5,000


Plans for Telluride 2003, Sustainability Film Fest 2003

This year’s Telluride Film Festival wrapped two shows Jan. 16 with dollars $5.000 raised and a promise to return next year.

"Next year we hope to spread Telluride over three days and roll the fest into the Telus Mobility Winter Classic week," says Allana Hamm, environment fund co-ordinator for the Whistler-Blackcomb Foundation.

"Audiences have called in feedback, and it’s funny because through the whole smorgasbord of films, everyone liked something different."

The festival raised $5,000 for the Whistler-Blackcomb Foundation’s Environmental Fund.

"The organizers of the festival (it was supported by Telluride’s Raynier Foundation) were not expecting to sell out for both showings," says Hamm, whose fund budget depends on staff donations.

Hamm also confirmed that Telluride’s Rick Silverman has invited the Whistler-Blackcomb Foundation to participate in an additional film festival featuring a theme of sustainability, slated for May 2003.

The diverse film lineup included Nick Hilligross’ Turtle World, a creative allegory about a turtle passing through space; aerial photographer Robert Fulton’s Pilot Notes: The American Southwest, and an animation called The Man Who Planted Trees, the story of a man’s life of fulfillment in rural France from Oscar-winner Frederic Bach.

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