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Teens keen to work


The Whistler Youth Centre is looking for local businesses and homeowners interested in employing young people to do odd jobs for them, from babysitting to raking the lawn.

"There’s a lot of kids in Whistler wanting jobs during the summertime, after school and on weekends," said youth worker Caroline Stroud.

To help them find employment the Whistler Youth Centre came up with a jobs pin-up board where young people can contact potential employers in the area.

"It’s then up to the employer to screen the kids and see if they have the criteria they need or want, and how much they will be paid," said Stroud.

"It’s also up to parents to work with the kids and find out where they’re going and what they’re doing, for their safety," she said.

"So many kids want jobs but don’t have time for a permanent part-time position, so there is definitely a need for a casual employment network."

Local youth can come into the Whistler Youth Centre, in Millennium Place, to check job postings.

"We’re trying to put it out there that teens really, really want jobs. We get kids asking us all the time," said Stroud.

The Whistler Youth Centre also organizes social and sports activities for young people. At the moment they arrange free windsurfing at Rainbow Lake every week and have a surf trip to Tofino planned for the end of the month.

"We are doing a bottle drive this Sunday to raise funds for our activities, so if anyone has any bottle donations they would like to have picked up, we’d love to do that so we can get these kids going on the surf trip," Stroud said.

Those interested in participating in the Whistler Youth Centre activities or employing a Whistler youth are encouraged to contact the Whistler Youth Centre. Contact: 604-935-8187 or e-mail: