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ted sched

With two elected offices Ted Nebbeling will be busy, but the jobs of Whistler mayor and West Vancouver-Garibaldi MLA won’t conflict too much, he says. Nebbeling expects the swearing in of Members of the Legislature to take place in about a month’s time. Following the swearing in, he predicts the legislature will sit for three or four weeks to debate and eventually pass the provincial budget. After that the legislature is not expected to sit again until late September or October. One of Whistler’s councillors will sit as acting mayor while Nebbeling is in Victoria for the three- or four-week legislative session, but other than that he will continue to be mayor of Whistler until the fall session in Victoria. Municipal elections will be held in mid-November, with campaigning starting in mid-October. Nebbeling never intended to seek a third term as mayor. Nebbeling was back in council chambers Wednesday morning for a special council meeting regarding the proposed reduction of school trustees in the district.

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