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Teacher profile #1 By Kris Casavant Name: Brenda Norrie Occupation: Art instructor at W.S.S., adult/night pottery classes. Background: Studied at University of Manitoba, taught in Manitoba, England, and Whistler. Of the many community programs which operate within W.S.S. after school hours, the adult/night pottery classes have proven to be among the most popular. The course’s instructor, Brenda Norrie, is also the school’s lone art and media studies teacher for grades seven to twelve. The classes, which take place Tuesday and Thursday evenings, deal with many of the methods of construction in pottery, including wheel work. On Sunday evenings, anyone with experience in clay work is invited to drop in and use the equipment in the art room. Norrie on night classes: "The night classes have been very popular, however, I think that many people are unaware of the Sunday evening drop in program because of it’s lack of promotion." As well as in Whistler, Norrie has taught art classes in Manitoba and England. As a youth, she admired her mother, who is also an artist. While earning a degree at The University of Manitoba, where she first dealt with pottery, Norrie sold paintings and drawings, and even had photos published. On personal artwork: "I did a lot of travelling, so the photos I took were often published in travel magazines. Working full-time as an artist is something I’ll probably have to wait for until retirement. For now, I’m happy making gifts for my family and friends." The night classes for pottery in the art room at W.S.S. take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and drop-in for use of the art room is held on Sunday evenings. For more information regarding classes call 938-3133.