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Take a trance on hypnotism


Who: Wayne Lee

Where: Buffalo Bill’s

When: Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 19-20

The man with the intense stare is back by popular demand.

Hypnotist Wayne Lee’s performance last month was something that had to be seen to be believed. With one wave of his hand and an eerie glance, Lee can make you do things in public you never imagined possible. But all in good fun, he assures.

You could end up doing a bizarre mating dance, have the saddest dream of your life or shriek with orgasmic excitement whenever Mr. Lee sneezes.

Hailing from Edmonton, Lee has tried his hand at teaching, wrestling and even modelling but found making people laugh was one of his favourite fortes.

Tickets are $6 at the door from 9 p.m. Group reservations or tables can be booked by phoning 604-932-6613.

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