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Taekwondo school on top in invitational meet


Nineteen members of the Whistler Taekwondo School, ages 7 to 13, attended the annual Vancouver Island TKD Invitational at the Saanich Commonwealth Place in Victoria on Saturday, March 27.

The event was huge, drawing over 115 competitors, with every competitor fighting two to three bouts over the course of the day. Each bout includes two rounds of one minute each with a 30 second break, and the blackbelt students fought two-minute rounds.

All of the fighters earned medals for their performances and Whistler came away with five gold medals, six silver and eight bronze.

The gold medal winners were Charmaine Niewerth, Joshua MacNeil, Anita Facundo, Chad Anderson, and Spencer Wright.

Silver medals went to Zendi Kashino, Miquel Tetreault, Marc Facundo, Ali Measure, and Yanick Mckoy.

Bronze medals were earned by Lana Kashindo, Austin Thind, Jordan Chew, Felix Jauvin, Mark Cho, Jamie Vodarek, Sierra Manuel and Samuel Mckoy.

The coaches would like to thank all of the participants for their work, and the parents for helping out.

The Whistler Taekwondo School is hosting its annual flower basket sale to raise funds to pay for tournament fees, clothing and equipment. The school also hopes to host a tournament in Whistler this October.