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The Best of Whistler is just around the corner with locals voting their favourite bands, retailers, make-out spots and restaurants.

I’d like to narrow the latter category down to a more bite size vote with my own Best of Whistler eats around town starting with lunch stops — listed in no particular order.


Best place for repeat visits on a budget

I think I can take credit for eating the most vegetarian taco salads from Dups, tucked behind Marketplace. Owners Taylor Wilson and Dan Mullen start grabbing for that crispy tortilla shell even before I’ve opened my mouth to order.

I come here time and time again because food is fresh (you can actually watch staff spoon out fresh avocados for the guacamole), tasty (beans and meats alike are seasoned in house) and healthy (although I don’t think I’ve ever asked them to hold the sour cream). I can order and have dinner on the fly within in minutes, with bills never running more than $10.

Most of the people pulling up a stool to the casual eat-and-go hangout are on a first name basis with the owners because locals just keep coming back again and again — some say, it’s just Taylor’s damn good looks and Dan’s razor sharp wit.

It’s also the only place in town that can legally roll a phatty and take pictures of customers with it and post it on the Phatty Burrito Wall of Fame.

This little Mexican gem is even going to be highlighted in the National Post as one of the best places to eat in Whistler. But the real seal of approval comes from my four-legged friend Teddy — he prefers not to be classified as a canine.

On nights that I am really lazy, Teddy and I will share a chicken taco salad. He eats the rotisserie-roasted chicken. I try to make my way through the salad and Teddy finishes what’s left over. It’s the only vegetables he’s ever eaten and the beans are a great source of protein for both of us.

So six paws up from the two of us.


Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate chip cookies are like crack to me. They are the perfect fuel to get me through a never-ending pile of writing, and the perfect reward for things like meeting a deadline, cleaning your house or walking the dog and breathing. They instigate memories of a blue furry animal with googly eyes singing “C is for cookie which is good enough for me” and teatime with ginger snaps dipped in tradition.

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