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Suspect arrested in McIntosh murder



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According to Race, the murder had a huge impact on McIntosh’s circle of friends. "Besides Katy I know of one or two other families that moved away for one reason or another, because they decided they didn’t want to be this close to the memory anymore.

"This was such a painful death for a lot of people in this community, and he certainly had a vast circle of friends. People did go on with their lives, but I don’t think it was ever that far from the surface."

Race believes that keeping McIntosh’ memory alive has been positive for the community, especially the scholarship, which the triathlon supports.

"A lot of people that compete in the triathlon were competing five years ago, and knew (McIntosh). He was quite well known in the triathlon community," said Race. With the triathlon growing, Race said they are including a brief biography of McIntosh on the back of the numbers to let people know who he was and where the money goes.

The scholarship fund has increased, according to Race, and starting this year the scholarship will be given out to two high school students that are leaders in academics, athletics and citizenship.

"He cared for young people, helping them with training, mentoring them, so the scholarship is particularly appropriate and it has become a real asset to this community, like the triathlon. Like he was for that matter," said Race.

In Canada there is no minimum penalty for manslaughter unless a firearm is used. The maximum sentence is life imprisonment.