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Suspect arrested in McIntosh murder



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In the meantime she is trying to put the event into perspective for her children. "I don’t want their life to be about their father’s murder. They’re nine-year-olds on summer vacation and they’re doing what they should be doing."

She said it was time to drop the "code of silence" expression and use the experience to speak to children "in a way we can influence them. I’m more interested now in finding out what we can do to prevent this from happening than I am in what actually happened. We can’t bring Bob back. Unfortunately we cannot turn back the hands of time, as much as I would love to, so what can we do that’s proactive and positive to help kids lead productive, humane lives?"

While she says there can’t be any real closure for her and her children, she feels that the arrest in a way signified the end of a journey for her family. "And the beginning of another journey for Ryan Aldridge and his family, dealing with what they have to deal with."

In the Squamish community Bob McIntosh is remembered as a formidable triathlete who had twice qualified for the Canadian team and competed in the World Championships in England in1995 and in Australia in 1997. He was always supportive of other athletes, and worked with young people to develop a lifelong love of sport.

Following his death he has been memorialized in Squamish with a bike trail in Alice Lake park and a scholarship in his name that grants $1,000 each year to a local students who are community leaders in academics, athletics and citizenship. A youth program against violence is held in his name.

Appropriately the Squamish Triathlon, which was created in his memory by his friends, is billed as "Life is Large – A Memorial to Bob McIntosh."

For lawyer Doug Race, one of McIntosh’s friends and one of the creators of the triathlon, there was a mixed reaction to the news of the arrest among people that knew McIntosh. "All of his friends that I’ve talked to felt the same way when they heard the news – on one hand they’re glad to see the charges, but on the other hand it’s come back to hit them in the face again."