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Sun Peaks and Colorado’s resorts setting an example

Successful air services rely on partnerships



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"So in a small airport customs is very, very quick to move through and that hassle factor is virtually eliminated," he said. "And that is a huge advantage and a key selling point when we’re selling to U.S. markets."

Nicolson said the long-term goal of Sun Peaks resort was to organize a year-round service, which is exactly what Prime Air, Intrawest and the Pemberton council have been negotiating in Pemberton.

"From a tourist perspective Kamloops has a lot of different product, from golf product to adventure destination like whitewater rafting to fishing where a lot of people from longer haul destinations would come in.

"There’s also people in this neck of the woods that would use the flight to get out and that’s one of the tricks, you can bring people in but you also have to fill outgoing seats."

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