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Summer Love on-line with Leary What: Summer Love 95 When: Saturday Where: TBA How Much: $25 advance, $38 at the gate Timothy Leary, the ’60s guru of psychedelia turned ’90s icon of cyberculture, will make a special on-line appearance at Summer Love this weekend. Summer Love, the annual outdoor music festival of the Sea to Sky corridor, is going high-tech this year as Leary will be linking up to the Summer Love chat room on the Internet from the comfort of his Beverley Hills home, says Frank Weetjens, local Summer Love organizer. Also scheduled to pull up a cyber seat in the Summer Love chat room is New Age poet-hippie Fraser Clarke. "The party scene in San Francisco is very wired up and on-line," says Weetjens. "Summer Love is going to be the first big party to go on-line and it's very cool that we have some of the leading thinkers of this era as part of our scene." Leary, who became a pop-culture icon with mind- and consciousness-expanding experiments, has started to open the doors of perception in cyberspace. He recently penned the novel Chaos in Cyberculture and is active in expanding the horizons of the electronic frontier. Pat Richard, a Whistler-based Internet wizard, returned from High River, Alta. last week after setting up a site on the World Wide Web for the Big Sky concert that celebrated the 325th anniversary of the Hudson's Bay Company. Using his on-line knowledge and extensive UNIX programming background, Richard had video and sound clips from the concert on-line within hours of the performers hitting the stage. "The rave culture in San Francisco is just huge into the Internet," says Richard. "We are part of the first generation that is taking this technology and using it for real communication. The Internet is a wide-open thing and I think it's cool that people are getting into testing the possibilities… which are almost endless." Richard says the chat room and e-mail access on-site are already in the works and he is looking at the possibility of setting up the technology to put video and sound clips on the World Wide Web at the Summer Love Web site. Weetjens says the on-line aspect of Summer Love is only part of a weekend of fun that will include music, dancing and plenty of extra-curricular activities. Gates will open at 2 p.m. Saturday. The afternoon will feature reggae tunes and the dancing will carry on well into the night, with the wrap-up scheduled for Sunday at noon. To get to Summer Love head north on Highway 99 and follow the heart-shaped signs that will lead to the secret site. He says there will be plenty of on-site camping. Glass containers will not be allowed. "Everything is in place, all we have to hope for is the weather," Weetjens says. Tickets are available at Westbeach in Whistler.

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