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Sturdy to resign from SLRD board and PVUS

New MLA to be sworn in Tuesday as a parliamentary secretary



Jordan Sturdy is getting his life set up as he makes the transition to MLA. The sitting mayor of Pemberton has indicated he’s going to step back from two committees he sits on in Pemberton.

“I will be removing myself from the regional district role and I’ll probably do that on the 18th,” Sturdy said.

He also plans to step down from the Pemberton Valley Utilities and Services (PVUS).

He still isn’t sure about what he’s going to do about his role as mayor.

The new Sea to Sky MLA learned on Thursday that Premier Christy Clark wanted to name him parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Transportation.

Sturdy said he told the premier he was happy to take on any role she had in mind for him so on Thursday, June 6 it was announced during a cabinet unveiling ceremony in Vancouver that Sturdy will work under transportation and infrastructure minister Todd Stone, who has also been named deputy house leader.

Sturdy said in a Sunday morning interview from his home in Pemberton that there isn’t a good option for Pemberton in regard to his position as mayor.

“I’m going to get sworn in and then see what tasks have been set out for me and in the next couple of weeks I’ll be making a decision,” said the mayor.

He said that once his parliamentary secretary role is clarified he will better understand if he can continue to serve as the mayor of Pemberton.

“Parliamentary secretary roles can be very flexible in that they can be very much task oriented or they can be more liason oriented or they can be sort of an assistant role as well,” said Sturdy. “To some degree I think it depends on what the premier has specifically in mind. I’m sure she’ll be meeting with the minister and making him aware of what her thoughts are in terms of what my role will be.”

While Sturdy awaits word on the specifics of his job as a junior member of the Clark cabinet he sorting out his living situation in Victoria. He said he is looking at his accommodation options in the provincial capital while also assessing his transportation options. As an organic farmer his vehicle of choice was a Ford F-350 pickup truck that wasn’t designed for long-distance commuting.

He noted that he’d like to find a place to live in Victoria that is close enough to the legislature so he can ride his bike between his workplace and his Victoria home.

Despite all the unanswered questions and uncertainties at this point, Sturdy said he’s really excited about the future.

“It is often times what you make of it,” said Sturdy.

He said that while the future is exciting, his family farm will always be there for him in the long term when he decides he can’t take politics any more.

Check back as Pique keeps you informed of Sturdy’s ongoing transition into his role as the MLA for the Sea to Sky corridor.

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