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Sturdy still sole candidate in provincial election run



In less than five months, British Columbians will go to the polls in a provincial election and the mayor of Pemberton is the only person who has expressed interest in representing the Sea to Sky corridor in Victoria.

Jordan Sturdy is the only person at this point in the running to replace Joan McIntyre as the MLA for the riding of West Vancouver-Sea to Sky. The current Liberal MLA announced last year that she wouldn't be seeking re-election. Soon after that announcement, Sturdy indicated he would seek the Liberal nomination.

The Liberal constituency association has scheduled a vote in the riding for Feb. 15 and 16. The vote will be open to all BC Liberal party members in the riding, which stretches from 29th Street in West Vancouver to D'arcy, with Bowen Island included. Voters don't currently have anyone else to vote for so unless another Liberal party member enters the race, Sturdy will be acclaimed.

"Although, as far as our team understands, there are no other official candidates, we have always assumed there would be, and have run for the nomination accordingly," Sturdy said in a news release.

Meanwhile, NDP constituency association president Lyle Fenton said his party is in the process of seeking out a candidate. The Green Party's executive director, Rebecca Helps, has indicated her party is also looking for a candidate.