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Sturdy re-elected in Pemberton

Craddock, Ames, Gimse, LeBlanc are new councillors



Jordan Sturdy has won a second term as mayor of the growing Village of Pemberton.

While voter turnout was low, Sturdy won with 552 votes to challenger David MacKenzie’s 192.

The successful farmer has said that he will continue to focus on capitalizing on the Pemberton Music Festival, childcare issues, boundary expansion, a better dyking system, governance, leveraging the Olympic and Paralympic Games for the community and pursuing the long-time dream of a new recreational facility.

“Absolutely the priority for the community has to be creating one Pemberton, a new Pemberton,” said Sturdy referring to the fact that the valley is also governed under the regional district, the Dyking District, the Agricultural Land Commission, Transportation and Highways and others.

Along with the municipal election the village passed a referendum on expanding the boundaries of Pemberton which could bring in $180,000 to $200,000 in additional tax revenue.

Councillors are Ted Craddock, Lisa Ames, Susie Gimse, and Alan LeBlanc.

The school trustee is Dave Walden.

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