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Sturdy looking to succeed McIntyre as MLA

Mayor of Pemberton announces his intention to seek Liberal nomination



The race to replace Liberal MLA Joan McIntyre is now on. Mayor Jordan Sturdy of Pemberton has started campaigning for the job and announced his intention through a news release issued Tuesday, Oct. 23.

McIntyre announced in September she wouldn't be seeking re-election, so the West Vancouver-Sea to Sky Liberal riding association is hunting for a new candidate who will represent the Liberal party in the next provincial election set for May 14. According to Dave Davenport of the West Vancouver-Sea to Sky Liberal riding association, Sturdy is the only person to declare his candidacy at this point.

"I deeply believe that social well?being is best supported by a vibrant economy and sustained by a healthy environment," Sturdy said in his release. "My values and ethics are best represented by the coalition which makes up the B.C. Liberals. We need to maintain a growing economy and be fiscally and environmentally responsible so that we can continue to fund essential services such as health care and education to the high level that British Columbians expect."

Sturdy has been the mayor of Pemberton since 2005.

"As a mayor and regional district director I have been fully immersed in provincial, regional, First Nations and local issues and have a clear understanding of community priorities and concerns," said Sturdy.

The other two most active parties in the riding haven't declared candidates.

Lyle Fenton, the president of the NDP constituency association, said a search is ongoing for a candidate to represent the B.C. NDP.

"We are in the candidate search and selection process and have one possibility at present," said Fenton.

Rebecca Helps of the Green Party said her group is also in the midst of finding a candidate and rebuilding its constituency association.

Check the Thursday edition of Pique for more on the preparations for the next provincial election.

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