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The water district that serves the ski area – where Intrawest Corp. is planning a major base-village development – has announced it has enough water for only 200 more taps. Meanwhile, 1,100 previously approved units remain to be built near the ski area, and more down-valley near the centre of the town.

It’s not just local demands for water. As this is the closest watershed on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains to metropolitan Denver and Colorado’s Northern Front Range, those districts want to take additional water for which they are deeded. Those diversions began nearly a century ago.

Those city and farm districts now take 60 per cent of the water in Grand County, where Winter Park is located, and they want to bump the take to 83 per cent, notes the Winter Park Manifest. There are various "buckets" for holding back spring runoff in the Winter Park-Granby area, but none are very far along.

Second homes explain campaign contributions

KETHCUM, Idaho — Analysis of campaign contributions to the presidential candidates had the New York Times scrambling to figure out why people in Blaine County cared so much about John Kerry. On a per-capita basis, they gave more money than any other place in the U.S.

Easy answer – Kerry’s family has a vacation home there, in the Ketchum-Sun Valley area, and he spends time there every year.

A few hundred miles away in Wyoming, Teton County was No. 2 in the nation in per capita campaign contributions for George Bush. That’s an easy one – Bush’s veep, Dick Cheney, has a vacation home in Jackson Hole. The per capita contribution was $12.64.

Wally World employees unnerved by masked man

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo.– Employees at the Wal-Mart Supercenter were understandably unnerved in late February when a man wearing a Neoprene ski mask, a baggy blue ski outfit, and moon boots walked into the store. Less than two years ago, a similarly dressed man killed an employee while robbing the store.

Turns out that it was the gloved one, Michael Jackson, who had been staying on a ranch about 35 miles away at Old Snowmass. A clerk told the Rocky Mountain News that Jackson spoke in a "bad French accent."

New report sees less snow in coastal ranges

SEATTLE, Wash. – A new climate change model released in February predicts that during the next 50 years global warming will diminish the amount of water stored as snow by up to 70 per cent in ranges along the Pacific Coast.