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Student vehicle submerged in Squamish

Teachers wade into slough to pull two injured people from car



Three Howe Sound Secondary School students were hurt on the first day back to class following the holiday break. During lunch on Monday, Jan. 6, the two students were reportedly parking a friend’s car. The standard transmission vehicle overshot the parking spot and landed in a slough near the school.

Lisa McCullough, the School District 48 superintendent, said Reconnect Alternative Program principal Ryan Massey witnessed the incident and he immediately called for help. Two teachers went into the slough to help the girls in the vehicle.

“I’m pretty proud that they were able to do that and support the kids right away,” said McCullough.

“I’m very pleased that they were able to be right there. There were lots of students who were helping and doing the best they could to support the situation, too.”

The two girls in the car were taken to Squamish General Hospital for treatment of injuries, which included broken bones.

Sgt. Wayne Pride of the Squamish RCMP said the driver of the car wasn’t familiar with standard transmission vehicles. The car hit another female student before it went into the slough, said Pride. The third student was also take to hospital.

“The car was full of water,” Pride said. “It could have been a lot worse. The car wasn’t fully submerged but had the water levels been different this could have been a different story.

“Our priority is making sure they are OK,” he added, when asked if charges are being contemplated.

McCullough had a similar response when asked if disciplinary action is planned for any of the students involved.

“We haven’t turned our mind to that right now,” said McCullough. “Our primary concern is for the safety and well-being of our students.

“I doubt that’s the tact we would be taking. We would be looking to see if there’s something we can prevent in the future,” she said.

Howe Sound Secondary parents were sent a note by Massey and principal Christine Perkins indicating that counselling is available to any students feeling stressed by the incident.

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