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Student Terry Fox Run raises $1,600



The students at Whistler Secondary raised more than $1,600 in pledges for the Terry Fox Foundation last Friday as they participated in the Terry Fox National School Run Day.

The course took students along the Valley Trail to Trudy’s Landing and back, for a distance of about 3 km.

The fastest girl was Grade 9 student Marlin Beswetherick in 14 minutes and 37 seconds, followed by fellow Grade 9s Mackenzie Patterson and Jade Cadoret in 15:12 and 15:33 respectively. The fastest Grade 12 was Chantelle Grills in 16:32, while Marielle Thompson was the fastest Grade 10, and Yuki Charette the fastest Grade 8.

For the boys, Grade 12 student Stephen Chelli was first overall in 11:36, followed by classmate Nick Spence in 12:02. Grade 11 student Ethan Fairley was third in 12:20, followed by Alex Prochazka in 12:40

Chris Munro was the fastest Grade 8, placing fifth overall in 12:41. Zendai Kashino was the top Grade 10, and Bobby Bunbury the top Grade 9.

The student who raised the most money was Tara Newell with $300, followed by teacher Mitch Sulkers with $120, and Dylan Jones with $80.

The class that raised the most money was Mr. Pergau’s Grade 12 math class.

Together with the money raised at the Whistler Terry Fox Run, Whistler Secondary’s contribution puts Whistler’s total funds raised to close to $17,000 — a record for the community.

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