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Streeter Interviews

P>What message or advice would you give the incoming council?

Ron Sim, business owner – "Families are the future of Whistler. Whatever council does they have to keep the focus on maintaining and keeping families here. If we lose our families, we lose our community."

Margi McGraw and Carole Mains, business women – "It’s time to make things happen. Don’t just talk about it, take action and get results. We have the solutions, we just need council to make the decisions. And to be flexible, because life is a compromise. What we can’t afford any more is nothing getting done while the cost of employee housing that we desperately need continues to escalate."

Eva Lazorek, mom – "I would give the advice to always keep the community in mind for all decisions we make about the Olympics. When all is done and said, and the Olympics are over, we are still going to be here."

Linda McLaughlin, ski instructor – "I would ask council to be honest with each other, to be genuine, and not to form teams and make deals on certain big issues which is something that people are saying happened in the past. They should make a promise to work together, and not against each other, and listen to what the public is saying."

Shirley and Michael Thompson, retirees – "They should work together as a team to get things done. This last council didn’t have that and we need it. The mayor should be a good manager, they should listen and show leadership and good management. We heard allegations (in the mayor’s debate) of aspects of poor management the last time around, that council was not as effective as it could be. And they should stay within the budget."

Lesley Johnston, three jobs – "Don’t throw around the word ‘sustainability’, do something about it. Do something about the housing situation for locals – don’t just talk about it, but take steps and do something. When it comes to sustainability, a lot of people say they are all for it until it’s not convenient for them. Council should lead by example."

Rick Clare, business owner – "My advice is to have integrity. If you have integrity, when you say something or do something you always keep to your principles. It’s important to remember that when making decisions, and to remember what you promised when you were elected."