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Letters to the Editor for the week of April 12th, 2012

Strangers Saved My Life


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She also takes exception to the proposed carbon management program. As she states, "real" carbon-saving steps include logging less, allowing trees to grow older before cutting and expanding logging-free buffers. All of these steps are included in the CCF's proposed program. And if the RMOW chooses, it would allow our local government to buy its carbon offsets locally and benefit our local community.

Through the ecosystem-based management plan in combination with provincial regulations, sensitive ecosystems are identified and being protected beyond the "business as usual" scenario. Currently 48 per cent of mature forests (140 – 250 years) and 66 per cent of the old forest (>250 years) within the CCF are not available for harvest. That is more protection than would exist if private companies regain control over logging in this area. As more of the second growth gets to the age where it can be cut, the CCF will continue to shift toward those types of trees.

The CCF welcomes thoughts and input from the community. For more information, please visit www.cheakamuscommunityforest.com.

Peter Ackhurst, chair, Cheakamus Community Forest

Artists take a bow

The Whistler Arts Council staff and board would like to thank all of the artists for attending the artist meeting last Tuesday, April 3 at the GLC.

We had a great turn out of over 75 artists and received some excellent feedback, which is being compiled and will be available to community members in our May newsletter. We would also like to thank the wonderful staff at the GLC and Chili Thom for hosting the event.

We look forward to hosting more gatherings in the near future through focus groups and artist meetings to maintain an ongoing conversation about the continued growth and development of arts and culture in Whistler.

Whistler Arts Council


Poo Parade April 14

It is that time of year again; we are seeing the wonderful signs of spring coming out all over the place.

With this comes the unfortunate uncovering of dog poo melting on the sides of the valley trails. Now, before you think this is the typical letter about the disgust and neglect of dog owners and the leavings of their canine companions, please hear me out. Being a happy dog owner in Whistler and one who walks the valley trails frequently, I too find this sight a disappointing one and have come to the conclusion that something needs to be done.

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