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Letters to the Editor for the week of April 12th, 2012

Strangers Saved My Life


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The guys that saved my life I had just met that morning through a mutual friend (who had to leave for work and I kept riding with them). It was the scariest moment of my life

You never know, the random people you meet along the way may end up saving your life.

Sarah Masseria

Cleveland, Ohio

Vancouver Coastal Health committed to Whistler?

Vancouver Coastal Health is not giving the Sea to Sky corridor the attention and commitment to optimal health care services that it deserves.

Clare Ogilvie, in her recent editorial (Pique April 5, 2012) highlights the debacle with the Whistler Health Care Centre heliport, a project that is long overdue for completion. The much-touted $100,000 commitment by VCH for support staff to operate the heliport was mandated by Transport Canada. That position had to be created.

A long overdue staffing review at the WHCC has not resulted in any commitment to provide extra staff during the increasingly busy bike park season.

Several people, including the president of the local medical staff, have written about the impending retirement of Dr. Pat McConkey, one of two local orthopedic surgeons practicing in the corridor. To date, VCH has not been forthcoming on plans to replace this valuable and necessary position. The choices seem to be a rotating pool of orthopedic surgeons from Vancouver. This type of care often results in poor consistency with follow up care. The better choice, supported by the Whistler and Squamish physicians is to hire a LOCAL orthopedic surgeon who is committed to the community they are practicing in.

Vancouver Coastal Health has a chance to somewhat redeem itself by making the right decision and investing in a LOCAL orthopedic surgeon to replace Dr. McConkey. The Whistler and Squamish physicians, who know our patient population the best, have strongly recommended that the most appropriate and consistent care would be provided by having a local surgeon. They envision the STS corridor as a centre for excellence for orthopedic care. With the excellent support service in physio, massage etc. our community is very well positioned to see that vision become a reality. The corridor health care foundations are willing and anxious to support an expanded orthopedic program. But that vision needs strong leadership to see it to fruition.

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