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Stormy tests runners


Trail run covers 67 km Test of Metal race course

Back for a third year, the STORMY (Squamish Test of Running Metal – Yeah!), is not a jog through the park. It’s an ultra race, the fifth in the Iron Lung Trail Series as well as the fifth race in the B.C. Ultra Trailrunning Series.

It’s 67 km long, with 4,000 feet of climbing. It has sections of road and doubletrack, but more than 30 km of running takes places on singletrack mountain bike trails.

This year’s race is set for Saturday, Aug. 9, and promises to offer more support to runners than in previous years. There will be eight aid stations with food and drink, which means the runners won’t have to carry as much water.

Some 34 athletes have already registered, and more are expected over the next week and on race day. There were 23 runners in 2001, and 65 last year.

To register for the race, and get a look at the course, visit the Web site at

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