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STORMBC puts the "re" into cycling


Taking advantage of a weekend without a competition, the Single Track Off Road Mountain Bike Club of Whistler, or STORMBC, is holding a bottle drive on June 9 and 10 in co-operation with the Whistler Bottle Depot, with the proceeds going towards building the club.

Flyers will be delivered door to door this weekend, and if you are interested in helping STORMBC continue to win in B.C. and Canada Cup events, you can leave your bottles on the driveway for the team members to collect on June 9. The route will also be included on the flyer, although club founder and coach Chris Colbeck expects the rounds to include White Gold, Spruce Grove, Tapley’s Farm, and Whistler Cay.

On both June 9 and 10, you can donate your bottles to the team at the bottle depot, and watch a trial riding exhibition courtesy of STORMBC riders.

"You can come out and watch, and give us some of your bottles, or none of your bottles, it’s up to you," says Colbeck.

STORMBC is already well into its fourth season, and has put together a successful club team for B.C. Cup races. During the summer, between 30 and 40 kids ride with the club, learning from a group of World Cup calibre coaches. This is the club’s first fund-raiser.

The money will go towards tools to maintain the member’s bikes, T-shirts, and a van to transport the team to competitions.

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