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Stephanie Sloan


Age: Young at heart

Occupation: Director Stephanie Sloan Women Only program

Volunteerism: Whistler Community Arts Council member and vice-chair; library board; public art committee

Skier, biker, skate skier

Hobbies: reading


Last book read: Good News for a Change, by David Suzuki and Holly Dressel

Why are you running for council again?

I’ve sat at the council table for six years now and during that time I’ve worked hard on Whistler’s behalf, and have accomplished – I feel – so much. It’s very difficult to give that up. You want to continue with the work you’ve been doing.

I’m running again to complete on some of the major policy and planning initiatives that we’ve established, and on the process that we’ve established.

What are the major accomplishments/failures of the last council?

Some of the things we’ve accomplished are The Natural Step. We’re the first town in North America to adopt it, and I’m very, very proud of that.

We’ve completed the environmental strategy and the transportation plan, and I want to make sure these things are acted on. The threat is if another council gets in, or council member, that that won’t be a priority any longer. The community asked us to make our natural environment a priority, because obviously it’s what Whistler’s all about and so important.

We built 4,000 employee housing units. Of course, affordability and employee housing is a very hot topic and something that’s a real problem issue for Whistler that needs to be solved. I want to continue working on that.

We’ve also started the very comprehensive exercise of Whistler. It’s Our Future . It’s a planning exercise that involves the whole community and is very important in establishing what we’re going to look like in five, 10, 20 years from now. It’s so important because we’re about to reach build out. Whistler is at a crossroads really. We’ve gone from a development-based community to – hopefully to a sustainability-based community. We have to figure out how to do that.

Another major accomplishment, last week we endorsed the 2010 Olympic bid. We worked long and hard over the last four years in negotiating with the province and the bid committee to achieve everything we set out to do, based on our guiding principles. We asked for lasting legacies. One of those lasting legacies that will help us address the affordability issue, hopefully, is the land bank. It’s 300 acres in the Callaghan Valley, or a smaller site, the Cheakamus site, across from Function Junction. If the planning process with Whistler. It’s Our Future endorses that direction I see it as a very good solution to our employee housing problem. Not one, be-all and end-all solution, but one part of the solution.