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Starting today, you can bring your trash to the waste depot on a Whistler Transit bus

Pilot project allows for one container of trash per adult passenger



A new pilot project allows Whistler Transit riders to bring their trash on the bus to one of Whistler's waste depots.

Effective today, adult passengers are permitted to transport one container of residential compost, recycling or household waste on the bus.

The pilot project is a partnership between BC Transit and the Resort Municipality of Whistler, and is aimed at preventing human-bear conflict by offering an option for residents without cars to safely dispose of their waste.

All waste must be in a non-transparent, leak- and puncture-resistant container and must be held on your lap or on the floor throughout the ride so it won't interfere with the aisles or other passengers.

In 2015, the Whistler Get Bear Smart Society launched its "4 The Love of Bears" online ridesharing program with the goal of connecting residents without cars with drivers and arrange trips to a waste depot. At last count, the Facebook group had 565 members.