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Squamish deciding whether to accept Whistler waste


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Councillor Paul Lalli conceded the point, and said any decision over signage should not exclude other businesses in the community.

Mayor Greg Gardner voted for the solution put forward at the standing committee, but said he would support moving the issue to a Committee of the Whole meeting where it can be discussed by all of council as well as members of staff.

Skye development in receivership

According to reports at the most recent Community Development and Planning Committee, the Skye development is now in receivership, but will continue ahead with Phase 2.

The project was in the spotlight last summer when developer Thomas Ivanore said he lost financial backing from his bank after the District of Squamish voted against a rezoning amendment that would have resulted in the construction of 55 condos on the site instead of the 16 townhomes approved. The reason given for the change was the declining real estate market for larger units compared to the demand for smaller units like condos.

For their part the District of Squamish said the requested density was too much for the area, which borders on the sensitive wetlands and waterfront of the Squamish Estuary.

According the committee report, the project will be completed by the end of 2010, and quality control is planned for units at 90 per cent completion. The second phase of the project will go to open market under the direction of the receiver.