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Squamish deciding whether to accept Whistler waste


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As for how to handle traffic at Valleycliffe Elementary as cars stop to drop off and pick up students, District staff did not have an answer but said it would require some more work to come up with a solution.

Councillor Patricia Heintzman said she was happy that a consensus had been reached, "but I don't think this is the ideal solution, and I don't think anybody does."

"It's a good solution until the road can be upgraded sometime in the future," she added. "This isn't the standard we are trying to achieve in the district, it's just the solution that appears to work at this time on Westway. I would have preferred to see something else, but without spending a lot of money I'm happy the group reached some consensus."

Councillor Bryan Raiser, an avid cyclist who has organized bike events in the Valleycliffe area in the past, said he was glad that something is being done, even if it is just the beginning.

"This is more about education than about safety," he said. "Now everyone will know that bikes are on the road and that they have to share the road. It's just starting and I think this is a great baby step toward the grand future."

The new bike lanes and parking regulations will come into effect before summer, or in early summer depending on municipal paving and line painting contracts.


No consensus on real estate development signs

A solution to Squamish's ongoing conflict over developer signs on the side of the highway was sent to a Committee of the Whole meeting for further discussion after it became clear that the solution put forward by the Community Development and Planning Standing Committee - erecting communal signs on the north and south gateways to Squamish - didn't go far enough.

"It's interesting that this is specific to real estate, because in previous years as much as real estate signs have been an issue, so have signs for other businesses," said Councillor Corinne Lonsdale. "What's the difference in enabling a developer to advertise his product as opposed to a restaurant being able to advertise what they have?"