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Squamish council fights asphalt plant

The Squamish council has sent a formal letter to Land and Water B.C. denouncing plans from a construction company that has applied to set up a temporary base close to two schools in Brackendale.



Okanagan Aggregates have applied to locate a portable asphalt plant and storage centre on Crown land near the airport, which means the decision to allow this development ultimately rests with Land and Water B.C., not Squamish council.

The owner of Okanagan Aggregates, Fred Gilowski, said he wanted to open the site to take advantage of some the business opportunities leading up to the Olympics.

Acting Squamish Mayor Sonja Lebans said the municipality had received a number of letters from concerned residents.

"We had a discussion about this at our council meeting and although it’s (the proposed plant) in an area that’s set up for that kind of business we do have some concerns," Lebans said.

"There’s issues there with dust and noise and we’ve sent that to Lands and Water.

"The public have some serious concerns but so do some of the people from fisheries.

"My concern is that there’s going to be a lot of trucks in the community and it’s right near a school where there is a lot of children."

Principal of Brackendale Elementary Ian Kent confirmed that he had received some feedback about the proposed plant from concerned parents.

"There is a fear that it will result in an increase of traffic," Kent said.

Lands and Water B.C. did not return calls from the Pique Newsmagazine.

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