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sq film win

Squamish videographer bags film award Brian Goldstone says he is surprised and delighted to have won an award for his Hi 8 video short Squamish Mountain Biking. The award was presented at the International Mountain Film Festival, which took place in Vancouver last weekend. The second annual film festival, which featured speakers and debates as well as film screenings on mountain culture and mountain sports from all over the world, handed out awards in five categories. Awards were given to filmmakers for Best Mountain Biking Film, Best Mountain Culture Film, Best Rock Climbing Film, Best Mountaineering and Best Overall Film. Goldstone won in the mountain biking category which put his film up against the preview for Radical Film’s Kranked II, North Shore Extreme II and a film out of the Colorado biking community. "I feel great," says Goldstone. "It was a total shocker that my film won. It’s just a bunch of guys out riding taking a camera with them. We made it on a budget of 20 bucks. Just imagine what we could do with 40." Videographer and photographer Goldstone worked on the film with Chris Atkinson and Peter Wellenhofer, filming on Goat’s Ridge and Numan’s arm as well as other locations around Squamish. The film festival is on its way to Seattle to present the best of the films from Vancouver this weekend (March 5 and 6).