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Sprite Sessions underway with a rail jam

From stylish nose presses to gaps over the rail



There was a strong turnout on Sunday for the inaugural Sprite Park Rider Sessions event of the season, a rail jam in the Habitat Terrain Park on Whistler Mountain.

Almost 50 riders participated in the different categories. The athletes also represented a wide cross-section of youth clubs, including the Whistler Valley Snowboard Club, the Whistler Freeride Club and the Blackcomb Freestyle Ski Club.

It didn’t seem like the first contest of the year with skiers and snowboarders charging the rails with some pretty advanced moves, from stylish nose presses, to gaps over the rail, to spinning and jumping moves while on the rails itself.

There were five obstacles in play, and the participants would move from obstacle to obstacle with the announcer and judges.

The next event on the calendar is a halfpipe on Blackcomb on Jan. 8. As always the event is open to skiers and snowboarders of all ages, and advance registration at Whistler-Blackcomb Guest Relations is $20. Event day registration is $25, and will be available at the Rendezvous Lodge until 9:45 a.m.

Rail Jam Results

Male Snowboard 17 and Over

1. Justin Vanderpoelen

2. Ramsey Trew

3. Jeff Dawe

4. Ben Mchugh

5. Masav

Female Snowboard 17 and Over

1. Miyuki

Male Ski 17 and Over

1. David Randall

2. Bailey Mitchell

3. Nick Hickling

4. Brian Coles

5. Caden Brown

Girls Ski 16 and Under

1. Ariana Stufano

2. Lonnie Wake

3. Erin Page Kerr

Boys Ski 14-16

1. Jaques Mortimore

2. Stefan Dupois

3. Arlen Sutherland

Snowboard Open 13 and Under

1. Brian Bowles

2. Brin Alexander

3. Max Ripper

4. Dylan Bassler

5. Oscar Kirkwood

Ski Open 13 and Under

1. Devin White

2. Jae Woo Choi

3. Simon Louwe

4. Jordan Ling

5. Yuki Tsuboto