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Sprite series wraps up


The sun was extreme for the final two events of the Sprite Park Rider Series last weekend. There was a halfpipe and a slopestyle, and both had strong turnouts.

All told there were nine events on the calendar this year, all of which were open to both skiers and boarders. Organizers and athletes had to cope with every weather condition conceivable, but got all of the races off. Whether you won or finished last it was always worth it, if only for the great draw prizes.

The sponsors gave away Oxygen snowboards and a Nentendo Gameboy at every event, and during the course of the year they chipped in a Nintendo GameCube, clothing from Nike ACG, helmets from ProTec, gloves from Kombi, CDs from Universal Music, and of course some schwag from Sprite.

Halfpipe Results, Saturday, May 11

Skiers Junior Open

1. Callum Pettit

2. Eddie Hicks

Skiers 17 and Over Open

1. Chris Cameron

2. Etienne Dion

3. Jason Johnston

Open Snowboarding 13 and Under

1. Jordan Bell

2. Austin Smith

3. Lucas Debari

Men Snowboarding 14 to 16

1. Jonathan Lyall

2. Jung Min Yoon

3. Francois Ligeti

Men Snowboarding 17 and Over

1. Dan Raymond

2. Lee Inchan

3. Crispin Lipscomb

Women Snowboarding 17 and Over

1. Chiyoko Iwabuchi

2. Shirley Caron

3. Paula Mitchell

Slopestyle Results, Sunday, May 12

Skiers Open 16 and Under

1. Callum Pettit

2. Sean Pettit

3. Eddie Hicks

Open Skiers 17 and Over

1. Charley Ager

2. James Hillier

3. Matthew Hicket

Open Snowboarding 13 and Under

1. Lucas Debari

2. Austin Smith

3. Michael Mains

Girls Snowboarding 14 to 16

1. Sarah Kopinya

2. Stephanie Just

Boy’s Snowboarding 14 to 16

1. Max Durand

2. Vinny Ligeti

3. Jonathan Lyall

Women’s Snowboarding 17 and Over

1. Junko Naka

2. Lisa Mason

3. Kiyoko Ishibashi

Men’s Snowboarding 17 and Over

1. Michael McPhee

2. Aaron Shapiro

3. Jay Wexler