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Sprite Series wraps up with a jam

The competitive season for skiers and snowboarders ended with the tenth and final event of the Sprite Park Rider Series taking place last Sunday, May 16.


The format for the contest was a rail jam, and was held on a series of kink rails and boxes in the Glacier Park on Whistler Mountain. Almost 40 skiers and boarders took part – far fewer than the fields of 200 or more riders set earlier in the season, but a respectable turnout given the overcast weather in the mountains and the sun in the valley.

The event was a true jam, with athletes sessioning one rail at a time while the judges looked on and kept score. The athletes enjoyed the format so much that the organizers are considering leading next season’s Sprite Series with another rail jam.


Snowboard Open 13 and Under

1. Jeremia Wallace

2. Tylor Macmillan

Snowboard Boys 14 to 16

1. Tamo Campos

2. Skyler Flavelle

3. Rosco Sabiston

Male Snowboard 17 and Over

1. Hirotsugu Fukada

2. Oliver Roy

3. Kenji Nemoto

Female Snowboard 17 and Over

1. Molly Milligan

2. Stephanie Just

3. Nana Hashinmoto

Male Ski 17 and Over

1. Brad Bethune

2. Jeff Baoke

3. Philippe Fournier

Team Challenge

1. Tamo Campos, Bryan Bowles, Oliver Roy

2. Brad Bethune, Jeff Baoke

3. Benoit Hebert, Phillipe Fournier

The competitive snowboard season wraps up for good with the Showcase Showdown Snowboard Monster Jib Box Pro-Am contest this weekend, May 22 and 23. Taking place on a specially built course at the base of Headwall on Whistler Mountain, amateurs and pros will be competing for prizes, cash and the love the crowd. Last year almost a thousand spectators turned out for the Showcase Showdown quarterpipe, and the organizers are hoping to see the same level of interest this year.

You can pick up a registration form at either Showcase Snowboards or Westbeach in Whistler, or register on the day of the event in the lower level of the Roundhouse Lodge.