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Sprite series shows style


Although the Sprite Park Rider Series is primarily a locals amateur competition, you wouldn’t have known it be the level of skill displayed at the slopestyle competition on March 9.

The participating skiers and riders hit the table tops hard and didn’t shy away from the trickier rails on the course. Judging by the spins, grabs, and inverted tricks on display, competitors were emptying the full bag of tricks, and sticking the landings most of the time.

Age and sex also didn’t seem to matter – Whistler Valley Snowboard Club rider Vinny Ligeti’s score of 29.7 would have put him in second place in the Senior Men’s snowboard category.

The next Sprite Series slopestyle will be held on Saturday, March 16. You can register at Guest Relations prior to race day. Helmets are mandatory for the slopestyle, and mouth guards are strongly recommended.

More than a hundred competitors turned out to compete in the last competition, but the event ran smoothly with very few breaks in the action.

Snowboard Results:

Novice Open 13 and Under (6 competitors)

1. Vinny Ligeti 29.7 points

2. Tylor MacMillan 22.5

3. Mike Hole 17.6

Junior Boys 14 to 16 (14)

1. Maxime Baillargeon 27.6

2. Jay Robertson 26.3

3. Max Shwadchuck 24.7

Senior Girls 17 and Over (5)

1. Sarah Kopinya 20.5

2. Laura Birks 19.2

3. Jody Wright 15.3

Senior Boys 17 and Over (48)

1. Jason Cowan 31.2

2. Lee Kerwynn 29.6

3. John Caulfield 28.9

Ski Results:

Junior Ski 13 and Under (5)

1. Austin Ross 23.1

2. Callum Pettit 19.9

3. Sean Pettit 16.5

Junior Ski Open 14 to 16 (2)

1. Adam Joubert 25.5

2. Mike Klinkhamer 15.9

Senior Ski Open (24)

1. Shayne Gibson 34.5

2. Kirk Bereska 31.8

3. Jon Reedy 31.1