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Sprite Series continues with halfpipe

The second event of the Sprite Park Rider Series, a halfpipe on Blackcomb, took place on Sunday, Jan. 9 with a strong turnout of young skiers and snowboarders.


The next event, scheduled for Feb. 13, is a slopestyle on Blackcomb. More details will be posted in the week leading up to the contest.

In the skier category, Simon Louwe finished first in the Ski Open 13 and Under group, edging out Jake MacGregor and Kerry-Anne Hamilton. Louwe is one of the four skiers named to the Whistler team taking part in the Sports Illustrated Next Snowsearch at Keystone, Colorado.

In the Ski Men 14-16 category, John Riddle won uncontested.

Dania Assaly won the women’s 17 and Over group, edging out Cat Smiley.

In the men’s 17 and Over category, Charlie Ager was first, followed by Mike Riddle and Cody Whyte.

In the snowboarding, Steve Kopyt from the Whistler Mountain Snowboard Club finished first in the Open 13 and Under group, edging out Max Ripper and Zach Astle.

The Men’s 14 to 16 contest went to Tamo Campos, followed by Hajime Takimora and Yasayuki Kabayoshi.

The 17 and Over Women’s group was won by Julie Lundholdt, followed by Rieko Sakurayama and Marzie De Pangher.

Tayuki Kawabe took the men’s 17 and Over category, followed by Chris Lake and Roberto DiBari.

The top prizes, Atomic skis and an Atomic snowboard, went to Katsumi Homma and Tamo Campos respectively.