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Spring Creek school opens to acclaim



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"But it is a beautiful school and they did make a great job of it."

For the most part though parents were thrilled.

"It is good, and it is exciting," said Susan Schweighardt whose daughters Jessica and Stephanie now go to Spring Creek.

"It looks great. And the move is good because Stephanie was in a portable and that was hard sometimes.

"The teachers have obviously put a lot of love and a lot of time and care into the new school too, so it looks great."

While Schweighardt said her daughters were excited about the new school her older child was sad to leave her friends at Myrtle Philip.

"It’s wonderful to have a new school," said Libby McKeever, whose daughter Catelyn is in Grade 6.

"I really like that they have a separate music room and art and science rooms so they can be as messy as they want and do experiments.

"They didn’t have water in the portables so a lot of things were limited, so now they will be able to do more in the curriculum."

An added bonus for McKeever is that the family can now walk to school.