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Spring Creek school opens to acclaim



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Leigh said her kids, Kenny who is in Grade 2 and Robert who is in Grade 4, were both eager to get into the new school.

"They are so thrilled not to be going in and out of the portables anymore and that they will have a controlled temperature environment so now it won’t be freezing cold or boiling hot," she said.

With Myrtle Philip elementary school bursting at the seams several grades have had to take classes in the portables for several years.

When it became clear that Spring Creek would not be open for the start of the school year in September it was decided that it would be easier to divide the schools and those students attending Spring Creek would mostly be housed in the portables.

Now that both schools are open the portables will not be used.

The first PAC meeting at the new school will be on Jan. 14 at 6:30 p.m. in the multipurpose room.

Every parent is welcome to come and learn more about the PAC and the school.

Leigh said several things are on the agenda including some fundraising issues.

"Desks and chairs have been purchased," she said. "But there will be some shortfalls so we need to find out what those are and organize some fundraising.

"I know a stage and a curtain is an issue too."

Spring Creek is also planning to adopt the Code of Conduct developed over the last year at Myrtle Philip.

But, said Leigh, the school wants to make sure that it reflects the personality of Spring Creek.

While overall everyone at the school was excited by what they saw there were grumblings about the small hooks for storage of coats and backpacks and the fact that in many classrooms there were not enough hooks for the number of kids in the class.

Some parents were also concerned about the lack of parking. On Monday dozens of cars lined Spring Creek Drive as there was no room at the front of the school. One parking lot has been closed temporarily so the area can be used as a playground.

Mom Tina Taylor, while impressed with the new facility did have some doubts about whether building a new school was necessary.

"It is pretty impressive and I can see where all the money went," she said.

"The computer room is pretty phenominal.

"But I wonder if they shouldn’t have extended Myrtle Philip. I think they could have spent less money and just made a bigger school.