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Spring Creek school gets rave reviews


Students like the gym, playground, two stories and drinking fountains

The Grade 4 and 5 students at Spring Creek Community School were asked to write reports on their new school, which opened its doors to students on Jan. 5. The official school opening is this Friday.

This is what some of the students came up with.

My New School - By Georgia

My new school looks like a high school because it has two levels. It sounds like a stampede when the bells rings. It feels like new. It sounds like fun.

I feel lucky to be able to have a new school. My favourite thing about the new school is the bell. My favourite places are the library, the classroom, the gym and the playground. I think MPCS and SCCS should be the same. I wonder how MPCS is doing.

My school is the world!

Our Beautiful New School - By Sandrine

It looks big and beautiful.

I feel like a new person.

It smells like fresh paint.

The water tastes like chlorine.

It has a fantastic view.

My favourite places in the school are. the gym, my classroom and the computer lab.

My favourite things about the school are. how big it is, how beautiful it is, how wonderful its view is, and a lot of my friends are here.

What I think should be changed about the school are. bigger playgrounds and bigger fields.

What I am still wondering about this school is. when is it going to be finished, are they going to add more to the playgrounds?

I love my new school.

Our New School - By Macoy

Our cool new school is gigantic. It has a great view. It looks shiny and new. It is a nice color.

The water fountains have fresh water that tastes great! The school area is great also! Now Pinecrest doesn't have to go so far to get to school. White Gold and Spruce Grove travel farther than they travel to Myrtle Philip School.

The new gym equipment is great! We have bowling balls, bowling pins, basketballs, hockey gear and lots more. I think our new school is going to be fantastic.

Our Brand New School - By Jeremy

When I woke up this morning I felt very excited and couldn't wait for my mom to drop me off at my new school. When I got through the school doors I felt awesome and fantastic. Our brand new school looks fabulous. It smells high-schoolish. It sounds quiet, but when the intercom comes on it practically breaks my ear drums! I feel really spectacular about our school. My favourite things about our school are the library, the gym and the computer lab. I think our school needs a bowling alley for the bowling balls and bowling pins. I wonder if we will ever get a bowling alley for the bowling balls?

I love my new school.

My Brand New School - By Jane

Today is my first day at SCCS. It looks very big, new and different. When I first saw the school I felt excited. Now I feel lucky. My favourite things are the playground and the gym. My suggestion is to get more parking. I am wondering when the intermediate playground will be ready.

I like the new school!

Spring Creek - By Marlin

The new school is large, bright, high, spacious, and is a two-story building. When I walked in for my first time it felt like a new world waiting to be explored. I felt excited, new, wealthy, cozy, warm and awesome. My favourite place in the school is the library. I wonder if we will get a new playground? I really, really like the new school.

Our Beautiful Brand New School - By Mackenzie

I loved when I first walked into the brand new school. It smelt like paint, rubber and cedar. The sounds of the people screaming, they were so excited! I really like the new fresh taste of the water. It tasted fresh from the glaciers, it is so cold it made my teeth freeze. When I felt the gym floor it wasn't dented, it is nice and smooth,, same as the furniture in the library. The looks of the new school: the entrance is magnificent, the ceiling is so tall and the lights shining on you, it feels like you're a movie star. When I saw the stairs to go downstairs I couldn't believe we had a two story school! I was speechless.

That's what the new school looks like.