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Spotlight on local music: Spy vs. Spy


Memberes: Dave Morris & Chris Munro


D.M.: From Vancouver Island, been living in Whistler for 12 years.

C.M.: From Burlington, Ont. Been in Whistler for five years

Pique: Any nicknames for one another?

C.M.: Dave is Dr. Dave.

D.M.: I call Chris ‘5 string’. Not because he breaks one string a night, because he breaks at least 5 a gig!

C.M.: I do break a lot of strings. I’m also Crazy Chris.

D.M.: Yeah, he is.

C.M.: Don’t ask why.

Pique: What's with the MAD Magazine reference?

D.M.: We poached the name cause it implies a duo as well as the “back and forthness” of the two (musicians in this case).

C.M.: When we first started playing together we had this gig at the Crystal Lounge where we put it up to the audience to come up with a name for us. We still didn’t have anything at the time. Unfortunately we didn’t feel any of the ideas stuck. A few days later Dave thought of Spy vs. Spy, I thought it was cool. So… that’s it.

Pique: Which spy is black, and which is white?

D.M.: We call each other before the gig to find out.

Pique: How did you end up making music together?

C.M.: I met Dave when he was running an open mic at Tapley’s a few years ago. I went down to check it out a few times and play some tunes. That was actually my first time playing out live in front of people.

D.M.: We enjoyed similar styles of music and bands. I got in touch with Chris a few months later to see if he would be interested in putting an acoustic duo together.

Pique: Where can you be found when you are not gigging?

D.M.: On the couch playing X-Box or ripping it in the bike park.

C.M.: Last call at Moe Joe’s! Or chillin’ on my porch.