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Spotlight on local music: Robbie Currie (a.k.a. Nobody Really)



What are a few of your favourite tracks right now?

• Black And Yellow by Wiz Kahlifa

Love this tune for its raw verses and banging beat. I'm currently looking to book Wiz in Vancouver for his cross-Canada tour. It's mad expensive though...

• I Know There Is Life by Cali P

Easy-listening reggae tune by Cali P out of Jamaica. He's a sick artist, and my boy Tanner Hall has him doing a lot For Armada Skis right now.

• Atlas The African by Eddie Atlas

My boy Atlas from London who now lives in Africa is a rising star, soon to be heard all over the world.

• 3 Cigarettes by Nobody Really

I gotta plug my new tune, I'm just feeling it.


2010 seems like it had its major ups and downs for you, personally. What's the deal?

It was a crazy year, lots of ups, and yeah, some downs. After 2009 ended, I was kind of on a rollercoaster with drugs and booze, playing lots of shows, touring with bar tabs covered and living the late-night rock star life. It finally caught up with me. I felt like I was always taking steps, but never getting ahead. So when I moved to Vancouver, I stopped working the club life and landed a job as a resident care worker, working in a group home with youth. I can say I've finally found my calling: I love what I do now and I'm amazing at it. I relate to the teens I work with and I can reach them in ways others can't, having personally went through a lot of stuff they go through day-to-day.

In August, I had a crippling accident, breaking both my heels. I did not walk or stand for three months and was confined to a wheelchair. I recently started walking and I am doing physiotherapy now until I'm fully strong and better. Not being able to walk was life-changing and has given me a new outlook on the way I live life. Thank God for my strong lady and amazing family and friends that kept me positive during my rehabilitation.

In September 2009, my beautiful lady and I found out she was pregnant, and wow, how my life has changed, all for the better. On May 17, 2010, Kalem Milton Travers Currie was born, and he is the most incredible thing that has ever happened to us. When Kalem was born, I figured it was time to get grounded for real. I stopped everything and have now been sober for eight months. All the things that were once important take a backseat; it's all about Kalem now and I love being a healthy, happy dad.

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