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Spotlight on local music: Kill Me Thrill Me


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Pique: Lukas, you mentioned returning to a time when "rock was everything." Is that the ultimate vision of the group?

LL: Yeah, I would say, our vision is to bring music back to the decades when rock was "The Genre." Those were the years of legendary bands and musicians ('60s to '80s). I think rock in the 21st century is having a tough time; it's either broken up into hundreds of subgenres or getting snuffed out by other more popular ones. Don't get us wrong - we listen and respect all kinds of music, but we're old school and we'd rather change music than have music change us.


Pique: Name a few of your most important musical influences.

KMTM: Bad Religion, The Ramones, The Who, Sex Pistols, Pennywise, Led Zeppelin, The Strokes, Van Halen, NOFX, The Offspring, Ozzy Osborne, Nirvana and many more.


Pique: You've all attended Whistler Secondary School, so chances are some of you were born and raised in Whistler. What are your thoughts on the local music scene?

KMTM: The scene is pretty decent, with local cover bands and originals: The Hairfarmers, Sean Rose, Whole Lotta Led, Spy vs. Spy, Brother Twang, Ali Milner, Animal Nation, and Gnar Boots. We are in good company and a lot of people in Whistler are musically interested. However, there is no competition for youth rock bands in Whistler, and although youth DJs like Cooper Saver, Conner Mcaffrey, Simon Dartios, Marco Abel-Denee, and Robin Wenger have been trying to make a difference with the local youth music scene along with us, it's been difficult. Vancouver has a youth scene and Squamish has a youth scene. In Whistler, we don't have a good one, if any at all, so we have to create it. It would be easy enough to just play in the youth band-friendly Vancouver, which is bustling with youth contests and festivals. But I could never leave Whistler knowing there's no easy opportunities for bands up here. It's in all of our hands, all we have to do is realize that there is great talent in our youth and create some opportunities; they/we will rise to the occasion.