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Spotlight on local music: Kill Me Thrill Me


Group members: Lukas Lynn (Guitar/Vocals/Bass), Kyle MacDonald (Bass) & Shawn Greensides (Drums/Backing Vocals).


Pique: How did Kill Me Thrill Me come into being?

KMTM: Shawn was just kicking it around on the drums; this got the attention of Dylan Morris (Keyboard) and Kyle Macdonald who joined him. When that group was together Dylan left for college at short notice and Lukas Lynn came along around the same time, followed by Dylan Lincoln (Vocals) and Harlan Sim (Guitar), who left after a few gigs. Today, the group is a three-piece band known as Kill Me Thrill Me.


Pique: Tell me about the music you guys are making; is it all original rock and roll, or have you guys put a different twist on things?

KMTM: If I had to use one word I'd call it rock. But it's influenced by punk, melodic rock, classic rock and even trash rock, but in an old school sense. However we do definitely have a unique and completely original twist in how we play.


Pique: Tell me about one of the songs you have written, and describe the basic meaning behind the lyrics.

KMTM: Kyle wrote the lyrics for Blood Red Dawn, which has been our most popular single yet. It's actually about a guy at a raging party who gets drugged and killed by his ex-girlfriend. It tells the story from his perspective, lying on the ground bleeding to death. Heavy as the theme is, the rhythms of the song (which was written Lukas and Shawn) are actually fairly upbeat, though it's a quite powerful metaphor: "Dark things can happen in upbeat places." Luckily, the song is fictional, though most of our other songs are based on personal experiences.


Pique: I understand that your group has a few interesting quirks; so what makes you guys stand out from the pack?

LL: Me building amps from scratch is what I would call a little quirky; building an amp is too complicated to even begin to explain. And LYNN RT5 took months to build, but with the shoddy craftsmanship of affordable amps and an insane price tag of well-built amps, I was motivated to try and build my own. And the beautiful howling cry from that amp is well worth it. Listen to the solo in Too Ironic To Be True and I'm sure you'll agree.

I guess how we all play with an interesting style is kind of rad, as well. Our styles are what most would call unconventional - we all taught ourselves to play our instruments, we seldom play by the book because we were never taught it, and that makes us original. The same thing goes for production; I just bought some budget gear and winged it. We had no prior knowledge of how complicated producing an album would be or what we were getting into. Also, we are all multi-instrumentalists: all of us can play guitar/bass/keyboard/and sing, to some extent. Kyle plays drums, as well. Our live lineup is based on our strengths, but we could easily swap instruments at any time, making us very versatile.